Beta Evo 80 Junior, 2017

beta evo 80 Junior 2017


RRP: £3150


As a bike manufacturer involved in promoting trials for younger riders, Beta has to be able to grasp problems and especially must be able to understand the needs of the kids (and the mums and dads) who are facing this incredible world for the first time, this “constant balancing act on two wheels”.

The EVO 80 Junior combines a number of responses:

It was created essentially as very much a user-friendly vehicle for the novice (9-11 years old).
A beginner must feel at ease with the bike, and the new 80 Junior offers exactly this approach.

Technically, the bike is a specially simplified EVO 80.
A vehicle that has been rethought for young people taking their first steps in trials.
Its measurements are those of a 50, but the two-stroke engine is an 80cc.
This combination allows the youngster to confront obstacles with the necessary degree of confidence: the dimensions are reassuring and the engine has just enough thrust.
Even the suspension settings have been correctly modified in view of the fact that that the rider may be essaying trials for the first time.

Other features:

  • hydraulic disc brakes fitted front and rear

  • hydraulic clutch

  • 19” front wheel, 17” rear

Even the sale price of the EVO 80 Junior has been carefully thought out … so as not to frighten the parents of new teenage trials enthusiasts even before buying the bike. Beta have made the price strongly competitive, in the hope of encouraging interest in one of the more spectacular motorcycle events, both among riders and spectators.

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