Beta Evo 80 Senior, 2017

beta evo 80 senior 2017

RRP: £3395



Attentive as ever to the needs of younger riders, Beta has enriched its trials range with a new Evo 80: more adult and professional geometry and dimensions, and the usual emphasis on feel and confidence for riders who are just starting. Aimed at riders aged 11 -16.

  • New shockabsorber, derived from the one fitted to the larger-capacity machines, for even more professional and high-performance use

  • New diameter forks ø 38 mm with rebound adjustment and altered offset to increase rideability

  • Swing-arm mounted on roller bearings for increased smoothness, reduced friction and greater reliability

  • Rationalisation and optimisation of the front end with a gain in terms of greater rigidity

  • Improved performance from brake system as a result of the latest changes:

    • New rear brake caliper, more powerful, more controllable and better protected from knocks

    • A new rear brake lever with improved operability

    • New master-cylinder and front caliper: opposed pistons and floating disc for even more controllable and precise action

  • New front disc cover of new design

  • New hubs with larger wheel-spindles in ergal: reduced weight combined with increased rigidity and a more professional look

  • New wheel-rims in aluminium, lighter and more rigid, and a move to tubeless tyres

  • New aluminium handlebar with cross-piece

  • New design of silencer, with optimised performance

  • New ø 21 mm Dell’Orto carburettor

  • New more precise and effective master-cylinder

  • New design for front mudguard

  • New colours and graphics

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