Beta Mini Trial 70, Auto, 2017

beta mini trial auto 2017


RRP: £2395

The smallest vehicle of the Trial family from the Tuscany firm, dedicated to the young champions of this sport, is stepping up in quality and performance with the new liquid-cooled engine and an improved frame.

News and Features:

  • New single-cylinder 2-stroke, liquid-cooled, 72.4 cc displacement.

  • Dell’Orto PHBN carburetor ø 17.5 mm with external adjustments for improved performance and greater regularity of operation

  • Radiator with electric fan.

  • Primary drive with straight teeth Z15/58

  • CDI with mapping defined for better power delivery of the engine and ease of use of the motorcycle.

  • Hydraulic front fork ø 32 mm for greater riding feeling.

  • Hydraulic front and rear brake discs for greater power.

  • Ground Light increased to 320mm to improve the ability to overcome obstacles.

  • New skid plate, more protective

  • New front mask, same as used on the bigger “sisters” EVO.

  • New colours and graphics inspired by the EVO 2013 models.

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