Cheshire Oset Cup Round 6 Information

 Cheshire Oset Cup Round 6 Information.

Sunday 13th October, starting at 11am @ CHANGE OF VENUE SINCE 09/10/19 WE ARE NOW AT


Signing on from 9:30am

Awards from the last round at 10:45am

The event will be set out in the woodland which lends its self well to all classes. We run 3 route novice(white), inters(yellow) and experts(red). All age groups are welcome from youth E-B.

You will require a ACU licence to ride, if you are new to trials you can apply for this on the day. Riders are required to wear a helmet(it can be full face), gloves, full arm and leg covering, ankle protection boots(can be wellingtons/waking boots) and all bikes MUST be fitted with a working cut off lanyard.

Entry fee £10 Membership if required £3

For more information don’t hesitate to contact

Ian/Joanne Mackman 01606 212750 or email