Oset 12.5 Racing, 2019

Oset 12.5 Racing 2019


RRP: £1149

All new for 2015 the 12.5 Racing was an upgrade of the ever popular 12.5 eco. Disc brakes all round, adjustable suspension and 2 dial power adjustment system give incremental adjustment to the response and speed of the new type electric motor.

For 2018 the “Racing” benefitted from new graphics, thinner handlebar grips (to help small hands), a padded chain guard, stronger wheels, new black footpegs and a magnetic cut off lanyard. All of which make the new Oset range perform at the highest level yet in terms of ride quality and durability. Why change what is already working so well? The 2019 machines across the Oset range remain as per the 2018 spec.

This new look and improvements make this bike sit much more closely with it’s big brothers.

The speed adjustment dial can be set by an adult to set the maximum speed from 0 to 100%. Along with the new response dial, giving the throttle a much smoother take up regardless of the rider’s input. With these adjustments the bike can really be set up to suit any rider from a raw beginner to a budding Dougie Lampkin, it will grow with the rider’s ability. Stabilisers can be fitted so you really can learn throttle control from a very early age. Many children are able to ride an Oset before the can master the pedal stroke of a bicycle!

Ideal for ages from 2 to 5 years (although some start sooner!). With local championships and fun Oset events (including our very own Cheshire Oset Cup!) buying a bike from us will also open you up to a community of Oset riders/parents to practice and ride with. ACU events can be entered from the age of 4 and trials is a great grounding for every type of motorsport.

Technical Specs:

  • Wheelbase: 725mm

  • Seat Height: 390mm

  • Ground Clearance: 152mm

  • Bar height: 650mm

  • Wheels: 12.5″ alloy hubs

  • Suspension: front telescopic 40mm travel, Rear preload adjustable oil damped.

  • Brakes: Front 160mm Disc, Rear 140mm Disc

  • Motor: 24v, 600w

  • Controller: 24v, adjustable for speed and response.

  • Batteries: 2 x 12v 10ah SLA

  • Ages: 2 – 5 years

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