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On the subject of trials, in my last post, selling my ZX10 gave me some money to pay off my debts. I decided to keep a few quid back and bought young Ted an Oset electric trials bike, from my local Oset dealer Infront Motorcycles, Chester (shameless plug over)! The bike is just right for Ted, he had got so competent on his push bike I felt he could handle something with a motor. Every Wednesday when I collect him from nursery all he ever wants to do is ride his push bike, this seemed like the natural progression. He is still only just over 3 so a PW50 or the like would’ve just been too big/heavy and there is always the worry of hot exhausts/petrol etc. So Father Christmas dropped an Oset down the chimney!

Ted has done brilliantly on it, he was a little apprehensive on his first ride but come the following day he was riding and stopping without any help from me. Some more runs out over the Christmas break in my brother’s pub car park, Ring of Bells, Stretton, Warrington (shameless plug part 2!) and he was riding around cones etc.


With the bike having a parental maximum speed controller I’d set the speed to just above walking pace. He got to a point where I figured he could handle a little bit more power so moved the adjuster 1/8th of a turn out. Ted jumped on and immediately pinned the throttle to the stop, the bike shot off like a scalded cat with him panicking and waving the bars from side to side. I ran after him shouting to shut the throttle but he’d frozen! He planted the bike into the hedge on the other side of the car park. I followed and dragged him back out, his face wet and covered with leaves! He was crying, took a look at his bike “My bike!!!” he said after noticing it was also covered with leaves and branches. I said “Shall I turn the power back down a little?” “Yes please Daddy” was the response.


After knocking the power back down again he’s been riding in the woods (after the trial) and on the field behind where we live. He has shown that he can use the throttle to slow the bike, not just hold it to stop recently so I may think about turning the speed up a little again. Now I have a bit more experience with the fine level of adjustment I can slightly more progressively turn it up!! Although every time I try to encourage him to ride slowly he tells me “Slow is for babies, I want to go fast!”

Oh dear what have I created?!!!


Posted: January 22, 2013

Posted: January 22, 2013

Ian Mackman