Tuesday Practice Update

Second night of practice went well. I went out first on the ZX10 –  a small ride height change has made an improvement to the bike and we are going in the right direction. Every lap I am becoming more confident with the bike. It does still need some more stability over the bumps but we can sort it! A good single lap with a minor clutch problem saw me 11th overall just over 121mph. Happy with that knowing that there are more changes I can make to improve the feel of the bike.

I then jumped onto the Norton for its first lap. The plan was to get a lap in without going nuts and then let the technicians inspect the bike ready for tomorrow. The bike is surprisingly good. There are plenty of things to change but I’ve an idea on which way we need to go with it and will try this for tomorrow night. I reckon the exhaust is loud enough to be heard on the British mainland too! The first completed Norton qualifying lap for 20 years by Mackers!! Something for the scrap book I reckon.

I also managed a couple of laps on the ZX6. Finding my way around on the small bike, it was a pleasure to ride and handling well. I posted a best time nearing 116mph and was happy with that for its first night out.

All is looking well so far except that I appear to have lost my voice, probably due to shouting over the Norton’s exhaust noise!!!

I’ll keep you informed.


Posted: May 30, 2012

Ian Mackman