Wednesday Supersport Race 2 Report

After a weather delay, Supersport Race 2 got under way at 6.20pm on Wednesday. No changes to the bike except for some loctite on all of the foot peg bolts and new tyres. I got off to a good start, compared with Monday’s race where I struggled to adapt to the small bike early in the race, catching and passing Paul Owen on the run to Ramsey on the first lap. I felt good on the bike but it was lacking power to be honest. The pit stop after lap 2 went well except for a failed pitlane limiter, no excuses from me if I’d have cocked up I’d say so! Hitting the throttle on the exit by the time I’d thought the bike was picking up a bit quick I’d already gone too fast. Testing the limiter after the race for some reason it now isn’t cutting in until 10k rpm. Now running with a 30 second penalty I pressed on battling with Paul Owen on the road. I honestly believe that I couldn’t have got that little bike around any faster. I set my best 600 lap of the week on the final circuit –  119.1mph. A way off my personal best 600 time which was around 121mph. Crossing the line to finish, after the penalty, 27th with a bronze replica. Thanks very much to the Team Hairy Snid gang for renting the bike for me. Next TT I reckon we find a faster one and do a proper job boys.

A one lap Senior practice immediately followed the supersport race. So a quick pit garage change of leathers and I lined back up on the road for a run on the Norton. We had lowered the rear down and fitted a softer spring for the session. Going in this direction had hugely improved the bike for Saturday’s practice so we continued going this way. Again the bike was a big improvement much more stable and riding much better. Still very quick steering some further changes are on the cards for the senior on Friday. I set my best lap of the week at 114.6 mph, happy enough with it being a standing start and short lap chequered flag (which always gives a poor last sector time). This effectively shows nearly a 3mph improvement and a much better ride. Myself and the team are all very pleased with our progress for this first attempt and limited track time.

Here’s hoping the Senior gets away on Friday as planned. I think the weather will again intervene from the current forecast.


Posted: June 7, 2012

Ian Mackman